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What is Newtown?

We have three problems facing Western culture at the moment:

Millions of heterodox consumers have no desire to consumer woke culture, so how can we differentiate between heterodox and woke culture when they may appear so similar on the surface?

Free-thinking creators are now hedged in by the orthodoxy when all they desire is to craft their labor of love intended for an audience seeking a deeper cultural experience.

Every time heterodox consumers and artists consume woke culture we contribute to woke capital that feeds the very monster that acts against our own interests.

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How do we solve all these problems at once?

We certify the culture we promote.

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By certifying heterodox cultural products and applying the Newtown certification symbol on approved works of culture, consumers can now easily differentiate at a glance, what is woke or not. No more unpleasant surprises. 

Now, by certifying their output, artists and creators can directly reach a vast and growing consumer base seeking culture that is, well, culture and not indoctrination.

By purchasing and enjoying Newtown-certified culture we all contribute to reducing the size and influence of woke capital. See the "how" section for more details on how Newtown achieves this result.

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Introduction video

Feel free to watch our introductory video below or skip to the "how" section if you are already convinced.

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