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Support Newtown

Newtown is a non-profit organization and is designed to become self-sufficient very quickly. That being said, material support will accelerate the growth of Newtown, as outlined in the Fast Track section of the deck. You can watch a deep dive into the plan to learn where and how funds will be used below or click here.

If you wish to help Newtown in a direct manner you can do so in many ways.

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Tax-deductible donations

Newtown is a member of the Institute for Liberal Values, which also acts as our fiscal sponsor. If you are an American citizen or registered organization, you can make a tax-deductible donation by visiting the ILV website. Make sure to indicate your donation is for Newtown as shown on the right.


Connecting your network, group, or organization

Do you work for an organization or are part of a group that shares the same overall goal of assuring the survival and perpetuation of meritocracy, reason, and, freedom?

If so, then let's connect, make sure to include your organization's name and tell us more about your efforts. Perhaps this will be the start of a mutually beneficial collaboration that will get us closer to our common goals faster.

Capital and blockchain

Newtown also accepts donations in cash or crypto via Paypal or the wallets below. 



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If you have any questions before donating make sure to visit the FAQ or contact us and we'll be glad to answer your questions

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Fast Track Dive

Please note the budget for the fast track plan has been recently tweaked and the numbers found in the deck are the correct ones.

Coming soon

Fast Track Dive
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