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Podcasts & Interviews

Podcasts & Interviews

Here you can find podcast and media appearances made by Newtown. We invite you to share them on your social media and with like-minded friends and family to help spread the word about Newtown.

Newtown on the Cultured Mind podcast

Thanks to the CACI, for this opportunity. Joshua and I talked about Newtown, culture, and the need for Conservatives to do a whole lot more.

Newtown on the Reckless Musecast

A great conversation with Joe and Ben, both artists, on cultural differences between Canada and the U.S., as well as many highlights of an upcoming article. We wrapped it up with a deeper dive into Newtown.

Newtown on Coffee Breath Conversations

Amazing talk with Russell on his podcast, where he had great questions about Newtown.

Newtown on the New World Chaos

Had a great time with Jeff as we talked about culture as well as introducing him to Newtown.

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