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How Newtown works?

Newtown comes at no cost to the consumers, who can now go about their business knowing the only thing required is the understanding of the Newtown symbol, what it stands for, and to look for it when seeking cultural experiences.

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Newtown offers three kinds of certification 

Professional Creators


Emerging Artists

And covers the following types of culture:










Any of the above aimed at kids falls into the "Kids" category

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The certification process is performed using two steps and is conducted by three individual volunteers from the cultural industries and the public. A fourth member is tasked with auditing at the second level.

The creator(s) and intent

We meet with the creator(s) and their references for a short interview, we also look at their social media presence, if any, and use both to determine the truthfulness of their character. Then we look at the finished work for its intent and artistic merit.

The funding of the work

Next, we look at who funded the work. Do they have DEI mission statements? Are they committed to an equity plan? Are they B-Certified? Do they have a parent company that does?.


For a novel this step is straightforward, but for a film, this will be complex.

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The second step is crucial because if at the end of that process the profits from the sales of Newtown-certified culture go back into the woke monster then Newtown ceases to have a purpose. To be effective, Newtown needs to wield its greatest asset, which is a shield that prevents woke capital from funding more culture and limiting its returns.

No doubt this page will raise many questions and you can find answers in the Newtown presentation deck below. It contains a fast track plan and a deep dive video for the plan can be found on the support page. As well, we invite you to visit our FAQ for a great many answers.

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Presentation Deck

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