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You are tired of woke culture and are ready to get involved? There are many ways for you do to so.

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Social Media

Let's harness the power of social media. You can help by following us on your preferred platform, sharing our media on your timeline, and tipping the algorithm in our favor by using our tag and hashtags in your posts as well. See the logos in the header to access our accounts and use the tags listed below.


#Newtown #NewtownCulture #WeAreNewtown

Discord Server

The Newtown Discord server is a place for consumers and artists alike to meet, network, and contribute to Newtown's efforts and heterodoxy at large.


It is not a casual place. The server is action and goal-oriented and we seek to grant access to those who can contribute.

Quality over quantity is our motto and if you believe that you can bring a meaningful contribution, regardless of size, please contact us and ask for an invite.

Volunteer your time or skills

Bringing Newtown to full speed requires a great many resources and talent. If you believe in Newtown's mission you can help by lending it your expertise and skills. This is a unique opportunity to use your talent(s) in the pursuit of a goal bigger than all of us.

Please fill out the form below, tell us more about you and how you wish to contribute. It doesn't matter if your expertise is practical, technical, or organizational. That being said, please be specific and descriptive; entertainment lawyer,  analytical writer, Java programmer, and so forth.

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Application Form

If you wish to share your resume with us, please use this button to upload it.

Upload Resume

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to growing Newtown together.

Get Involved
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