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This page is for published articles written on or about Newtown as well as culture at large. Subscribe or follow these fine outlets to support them.

Is Netflix Giving Us A ‘Woke Sleight Of Hand’ Or Are They Genuine?

Netflix may have recently told its employees to either accept the stories they wish to show, but is the effort genuine?

The Double-Edged Sword Of Culture's Time Delay

In this article I explain how the woke of today in culture is actually "old woke".

The Wokification of Our Cultural Industries

A detailed analysis of how woke has taken over our cultural institutions and the funding at their disposal. Part 1 focuses on America, while part is on Canada. Click the "next" button at the end of part 1 to jump to part 2.

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Why Aren't They Talking about Culture?

An uncompromising look at the intellectual elite on the Right of Center and their silence on culture and its contributions to Woke Capital. Thanks to Adam Coleman for publishing it.

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